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Cleva incorporates the latest process and highest standards for engineering, design and production. Vacmaster products benefit from more than 15 years of engineering expertise and motor production know-how. Products are manufactured on state-of-the art production lines that guarantee consistent high quality, in facilities covering over 166,000m2. We maintain a further on-going product improvement program based on market feed-back from all over the world. Cleva employs over 1700 people and in 2018 we delivered over 6 million vacuum cleaners worldwide.

All of our products meet relevant international standards and requirements. Service parts and accessories are readily available.

We are proud of our core values of quality and durability as we increasingly strive to bring pioneering design into the heart of the everyday. We continually re-invest in research to evolve every aspect of every product. We listen, we observe, we test and then we test again. Our goal is simply to improve the everyday.

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